Church History                                                             

On February 9, 1997 at Fontaine First Baptist Church, Rev. Charles Hines opened the organizing of the Bread of Life Baptist Church meeting with a prayer.

Pastor J.H. Brown had all the charter members stand and repeat a resolution to constitute a Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. The next item on the agenda was the Church name, a motion was moved and seconded that the Church be named Bread of Life Baptist Church…the motion was carried. A motion was then moved and seconded naming Rev. Reginald Harris as Pastor. This motion was carried, and Rev. Harris became the presiding Pastor of the Bread of Life Baptist church. The final motion that Rev. Reginald Harris have perpetual power for appointing auxiliary heads of Bread of Life Baptist Church, was moved, seconded and also carried.

Finally, Rev. Reginald Harris was presented to the church congregation as the Pastor of Bread of Life Baptist Church. From February 16, 1997 to April 1997, the Church met at Shadydale Elementary School and enjoyed awesome worship experiences. Following God’s divine guidance, we moved in April 1997 to Leap of Faith Dance Studio and God allowed us to meet there until August 1997. From August 1997 to June 2001, the Bread of Life Baptist Church impacted the Humble Community and the lives of many, while fellowshipping at 302 North Houston Ave., in Humble, Texas. Throughout these transitional periods, the Lord has blessed us spiritually, emotionally, and financially, while preparing us to have a place to call home. We thank, glorify, and magnify God’s Holy Name.

Over the years, the Lord has blessed the Bread of Life Ministry. The membership has grown to several hundred members and lives are still being changed by the power of God. We pray for God’s continued guidance because we know… “Where God guides, God provides!”